Kindergarten STEAM learning funded

The Cissna Park Kindergarten now has Montessori type activities and STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math ) activities in order to help the students foster a more naturally interested type of learning. Their teacher, Mrs Redeker, purchased these items through a grant from the Cissna Park Education Foundation to help her students become more creative and induce a more problem-solving type of learning. The interaction with the activities will help students grow as creative writers, will help students strengthen their fine motor skills, and will help their problem-solving abilities. The items purchased allow students to manipulate and use them without a guided experience. 

“The students have already started to fall more in love with Science through the use of science lab items” Mrs Redeker said. “Their curiosity has increased and they have enjoyed learning how to use many of the new items.”

While using the Montessori based learning activities, students have explored balance and creativity in building new ideas from items that would not normally allow them to build in such a way! 

Overall, Mrs. Redeker and her students are very happy with their Foundation Mini-Grant and have learned so much already!