White Boards added to Jr. High Math

More and more students are discovering that learning can be fun in Mrs. Chrastka’s math classes. Students enjoy learning when they get to do their work on marker boards. Marker boards are individual white boards that students can do their work on instead of using boring old paper and pencils. Mrs. Chrastka simply asks a question and then the students get to work solving the problems on their individual boards. Got the answer? Hold up the board for the teacher to see. It’s that simple and everyone is involved! Feedback is immediate for both Mrs. Chrastka and her students.
Mrs. Chrastka’s 6th grade class were the first to use the new whiteboards and they love them! Every day, students will automatically get a whiteboard to write on. They are disappointed when told that the boards won’t be necessary for that day’s activities.
One of the best things about the new whiteboards is the fact that one side is blank and the other side includes a grid that can be used for creating graphs. Mrs. Chrastka’s 8th grade math class were the first to use this feature. Graphs are created quickly and efficiently and multiple graphs and types can be done at the same time.