Technology in the Business Classes

fagerlin 2For the students in Eric Fagerlin’s business classes, the benefits of having an interactive whiteboard have been significant. “I use this board in 6 classes that have included a total of 56 students” Erick said. The classes include Introduction to Business, Web Design/Photoshop, Computer Concepts (2 sections), Accounting, and Keyboarding.

“I have gotten great regular use out of it with my Accounting class” Eric continued “in particular, because every lesson has a practice assignment that they can now do interactively and collaboratively.”

Mr Fagerlin also commented that “I also love using it when working with Photoshop because I can give the students a group assignment and have them all work together taking turns and helping each other figure out how to do each step at the Promethean board. “

fagerlin 1-600Another way the Smart Board is being used is in reviewing. Mr Fagerlin uses the website to input my vocabulary terms because it has a feature in which students must match terms with their definitions. Mr Fagerlin said “It’s really nice that they can use the board to review in a way that is fun and also benefits the entire class. Students love to use the whiteboard because it gets them out of their seats and I love that they are much more actively engaged in learning.”

Mr Fagerlin expressed how grateful he was for the Cissna Park Education Foundation and the donors who have contributed to make this all possible.