Mini Grants

Application Dates

Fall – October 11, 2021
Spring – February 7, 2021

The Cissna Park Education Foundation makes available Mini-Grant Funds to teachers and classrooms in the Cissna Park Unit #6 school system. The purpose of these grants is to support classroom enrichment projects beyond what the district supports. Proposals should be aimed at direct classroom/ student improvement and/ or instructional enhancement. Funds may not be used for salary or work-time compensation. The grant may not be used for items that do not have a direct benefit to students.

The completed application form must be submitted according to the timeline presented. The Cissna Park Education Foundation Board makes the final decision in the approval / disapproval of any requests. The Foundation will provide funding to the Cissna Park School District/ teachers/ vendors for the selected proposals.

Approved grants are expected to be completed by the end of the current school semester. Grant evaluation and sharing community-wide of the results will be part of the process.

Achieve the Foundation’s mission by directing support toward the following goals:

  • To promote development for learners of all ages
  • To encourage employee innovation and creativity
  • To encourage school / community partnership

Eligibility to apply for a Classroom Mini Grant is as follows:

  • All requirements from previous grants must be completed
  • Item(s) being purchased are not considered annual consumables
  • Submitted projects should not be already contracted or purchased
  • The project’s additional funding sources must be fully secured at the time of application

Selection Criteria
A. The proposal must enhance student learning opportunities included but not limited to:

  • Student achievement
  • language arts
  • math
  • social science
  • science
  • fine arts
  • health/PE
  • vocational
  • Technology
  • Community partnership
  • Innovative/ creative projects
  • Interdisciplinary approach/ number of students impacted by the grant.

B. If funds are limited, preference will be given to classrooms who have not received a grant in the previous grant period.

Additional Rules
      Additional Rules may be found here.

      CPEF Mini-Grant Application