Spanish Class Receives Fall 2014 Mini Grant

Spanish 2014The Spanish classes at Cissna Park High School received a Fall Mini Grant from Education Foundation. This Classroom Mini Grant was used to purchase 2 movie units (including the movies and activity guides) which will help increase cultural understanding and give students a chance to hear native Spanish speakers engage in conversation. Also purchased were teaching aids for conversation starters, which give variety to lessons and help engage students (as they share information and give their opinions).

With this Mini Grant, the Spanish Class also purchased a number of games including: ‘Spanish Monopoly’, which will increase conversational skills while allowing the students to have a bit of fun; 3 electronic customizable Spanish games that we will be able to use with the Promethean Smart Board that include Cash Categories (Jeopardy), Whirl of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune), and Money Buckets (Who Wants to be a Millionaire). All of these games will allow students to get up and work at the Promethean Board with partners to increase the understanding of Spanish content.

Finally, the Education Foundation helped to purchase some Finger Fiddles. There are bags hanging on each of the desks, and in each bag there are finger fiddles that students can take out and use to keep their hands busy. The foundation purchased some additional Finger Fiddles, which allow students to relax, focus, and absorb material while keeping their hands busy.