Second Grade ‘Mini Offices’ & Learning Center

2nd mini office 3Mrs. Denault and her second grade class received a Foundation Mini Grant to purchase a rack to hang our listening center books, easy reader strips to track print, privacy shields, and make-a-word pocket charts.

Mrs Denault explained that “During our literacy block, students have the opportunity to listen to stories on CDs. The rack makes finding books quick and easy, and also allows students to be independent during our Daily Five block.”

2nd mini office 1Many readers at this age have stopped tracking print with their fingers, but still require a tool to help guide their reading. The easy reader strips feature a tinted transparent “window” that helps pop print into view. The strips also help block distractions surrounding targeted words, so their eyes are easily guided to the desired print. These are great for strengthening visual track skills and they students also have fun using them!

She also shared that the “Privacy shields are used in our classroom anytime we are taking a test or doing work that requires concentration in what we call our own mini offices. These help with avoiding distractions and maintaining focus.”

Additionally she commented that “A must have tool during our small group instruction time are the make-a-word pocket charts.” These mats are used for building words which has become an integral part of reading instruction. The mats not only are used for making the words, but also storing the letters neatly.