Funding Scholarships

The Cissna Park Education Foundation provides a vehicle for local businesses or individuals to provide a scholarship to graduating students at Cissna Park High School.   Because of the close working relationship the Foundation has with the school staff and administration, the implementation of the scholarship process is efficient and effortless to the provider.


The Process

  • Contact a member of the Foundation Board and explain your scholarship idea.
  • Scholarship Guidelines & application are developed and presented for approval
  • Scholarship Application is provided to the school staff to administer the selection process
  • Scholarships are awarded during graduation ceremonies by a Foundation Board Member



  • The provider of the scholarship should provide funding for the scholarship prior to the application process.
  • It is encouraged that the provider contribute an additional 10% of the scholarship award to the Foundation for administrative costs.


The Foundation Board would like to thank all those who have provided scholarships to Cissna Park High School Graduates.