New Art Department Bulletin Board

2016 Art DeptA new bulletin board for the hall outside of the Art room has been purchased with a Mini Grant to allow for more display of student artwork. Many students do their best and strive to get their artwork in the display case for Artist of the Month/Quarter; however, some students may not be able to achieve that goal and, as a result, can get discouraged.   Ms. DeBolt is now able to recognize other students for their hard work. In the past she has also had a very difficult time some months/quarters trying to narrow the choices for Artist of the Month/Quarter because we have so many talented students at Cissna Park Schools.   This new board allows her the option to give some students an “Honorable Mention” of sorts. “I believe my Art students now have more of an opportunity to have their artwork on display with this additional bulletin board” Ms. DeBolt said;  and continued “As a result, I hope to see their confidence in Art grow, making him/her a better artist.”

In addition, the new bulletin board has been used to to display upcoming Art news, like the Square 1 Art fundraiser this Spring. Recently, the entire second grade’s Georgia O’Keefe flowers were on display.  “I was so proud of these students’ artwork that I felt they all should be displayed! I look forward to displaying more artwork for the many talented students I have next year” she said.