Listening Center added to 1st Grade

1st grade2The first grade classroom has added a new diskmen CD players and books on CD to their listening center because of a grant from the Education Foundation. The listening center is such a valuable part of the 1st grades daily 5 rotations. Every day the students grab a bag with one of these diskmen and a book in it. They go somewhere in the classroom where they are not going to be distracted to listen to the book on CD. They listen to the story while following along, then read the story on their own. After they are done the students fill out a book review for this book. This allows the students to listen to someone model good reading fluency for them. Each time they use the CD player, they grab a new book. Every month, we change out the books so they are not listening to the same books too many times. Kelsie Fancher the 1st Grade teacher commented that “We use these every day in our classroom and we will use them for years to come.”

1st grade listen ctr 2