Kindergarteners Learn With Chromebooks

Mrs. Redeker’s Kindergarten class applied and received a mini-grant for two Chromebooks to bring into the classroom. Learning is becoming a more digital experience, and this was especially evident as some students were learning at home during the national pandemic. 

“Students are expected to be familiar and aware of how to use technological devices,” said Redeker. “The Chromebooks earned through the Education Foundation grant will allow Kindergarten students to become familiar with future learning devices.”

In order to meet the current technology expectations of education, Kindergarten students are going to use Chromebooks in Mrs. Redeker’s classroom in small increments of time. The Chromebooks were able to be purchased with a protective case in order to keep them safe. The students are going to be able to interact with the Chromebooks during small group learning and as early finishers. Students are currently enrolled in many online programs to help supplement their learning in Kindergarten. The Chromebooks allow the supplementation of these programs to happen more inside the classroom instead of only at home.

Mrs. Redeker and her students are eager to watch the growth and expertise of technology that can happen with the use of the Chromebooks. The students are expected to be better able to handle technology as an older student with the earlier use in school. This will help to ease the fear of technology and be better able to handle it later on in their education.