iPad’s in the Grade School

Four mini iPads and cases were purchased with funds provided through a mini-grant from the Cissna Park Education Foundation for Tresa Maul’s 3rd grade class and Julie Yergler’s 4th grade class. So far, the iPads have been used for a number of educational purposes by both classes including individualized math fact practice and listening to audio books and magazines.

In addition, the 3rd grade students have enjoyed having a research device at their fingertips as they are working on biographies and can look up information during Daily 5 choice time. 4th graders have used the iPads as QR code scanners during math review games. When used as QR code scanners, students have to answer a question and use the iPad to see if their answer is correct. If it is, they get to pull out a block of a Jenga game. Sharing the iPads has worked out well, with 3rd grade having time in the morning to use them and then sending them on to 4th grade for use in the afternoon.

Both teachers look forward to finding new ways to incorporate iPads into instructional time and all students have appreciated the opportunity to learn through the use of technology.