Helping Make Kindergarten Math FUN!

Kmath 5Math should be fun so the Education Foundation provided Amanda Gooden’s Kindergarten classroom with a huge assortment of math manipulatives. The Kindergarten students now have jumbo dice, double dice, magnetic numbers, geo boards and many fun games to use during math centers.

Amanda explained that “the Geoboards will provide us with hands on exploration of shapes and many other geometric concepts. Students will get a board and a rubber band and explore from there.” Additionally “the double dice will provide us with a hands on exploration ofKmath 4 numbers. These dice are so cool, the students love them. They are a dice in a dice and a great tool for addition and learning greater than – less than.” Finally Amanda explained that the magnetic numbers are again a tool to provide hands on exploration with numbers. Students enjoy moving these big numbers around to make addition/subtraction sentences without using the normal pencil/paper.”

The class and Amanda seemed excited about the classroom addition. “Math centers provide us an opportunity to practice and apply the skills we are learning in class in small groups. While the students are actively engaged, I am able to work with individual students or smaller groups.”

The Foundation is happy to have helped provide these math manipulatives and hope they will be a key in providing effective, active, and engaging lessons involving a variety of math concepts.