Donor Appreciation

The Education Foundation would like to extend our appreciation to the following individuals and Business that over the years have contributed to the success of the Foundation and it’s services.

Contributions Greater than $10,000

Contributions Greater than $5,000
Dan & Carol Heinold
Todd & Val Kaeb
John & Suzanne Bruns

Contributions Greater than $1,000
Ron & Hazel Dodd, Bill & Wanda Maul
Illinois Grain & Seed, Dr. Benjamin Schmid
Rick & Mary Dulaney, Jeffrey J. Jacob

Contributions Greater than $500
B&B Farms, Robert Beebe, Bruce & Pam Ristow

Contributions Greater than $100
Sherry Shields, Judith Bauer, Bill Horton, Jean Feller, Rick & Sharon Baier
Daniel & Jayne Plattner,

The following individuals and business have greatly added to the services
the Foundation has been able to provide our educational system

If your name has been inadvertently omitted, please contact us so we can correct our error. The very existence of the Cissna Park Education Foundation is dependent upon the generous support of our donors. Learn more how you can contribute to the foundation.