Fundación helps Spanish Class

CPEF 2016 Spanish 2The Cissna Park Education Foundation recently purchased several items to be used by the High School Spanish classes at Cissna Park High School.  This summer, the design of the Spanish classroom changed to a flexible seating environment.  Although there are still a few desks, students have numerous seating options (they can choose to sit in whatever learning space works best for them).  The classroom has become more focused on how each student learns best while being conducive to collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.  The Education Foundation purchased storage devices to be used in the flexible seating classroom.  These devices hold white boards, markers, and other supplies that are kept on tables in the classroom.  Since many students don’t sit at desks, the use of clipboards has also become more common.

CPEF 2016 Spanish 1The foundation purchased a clipboard storage device to store all of the clipboards that are now used in the classroom.  The foundation also purchased privacy shields to be used at the tables during tests and quizzes.  Along with storage devices and privacy shields, the education foundation purchased dry erase verb conjugating charts to be used when learning Spanish grammar.  These dry-erase laminated charts can help students to practice conjugating in the present, past, future, subjunctive, and conditional tenses.  Students can work in groups to review and study different types of conjugations.