Food Science Classes receive DVD set

2016 food scienceThe Cissna Park High School Family and Consumer Science Department was recently awarded a grant from the Cissna Park Education Foundation to purchase DVDs and a reference book for the Foods classes. The seven DVDs cover topics such as food safety and sanitation; knife skills; seafood, poultry and meat cooking techniques; stocks and sauces; vegetable, grains and egg cookery, and much more.

The book, “Food, a Handbook of Terminology, Purchasing and Preparation”, is a fantastic reference book with information on food additives, cooking terms, and buying information. Most of the work we do in Foods class is hands-on, but due to time restraints, we occasionally watch videos to show techniques we can’t duplicate in class. The Foods class is very appreciative of the new videos. Most of the videos shown in class were VHS tapes from the 1980s, and while the information is still valid, the quality of the tapes is deteriorating. Now the Foods Class students will no longer be distracted by the over-the-top hairstyles and clothing of the 1980s while learning knife skills!