English & Speech, White Board Style

hoffman 1This semester, 46 students in English, Applied English, and Speech have had the opportunity to learn with the use of a new Promethean Board purchased by the Cissna Park Education Foundation for Mss Hoffman’s room.

“The Promethean Board was very beneficial throughout our unit on grammar and parts of speech” commented Miss Hoffman. “By using the board, students were able to get out of their seats and identify different parts of a sentence.”

hoffman 2Miss Hoffman also indicated that the board was also a great tool to use when checking and going over homework assignments. She has also used the Promethean Board for vocabulary and literature review games.

“I look forward to embracing the board and learning more about it so that I can utilize it more actively in the future.” she said. “Next year, I anticipate using the board at the beginning of every class session for Daily Oral Language activities as well as to help the students build their vocabularies.”

Miss Hoffman and her class wanted to thank the Education Foundation for providing such a wonderful opportunity for her learners!