Document Camera for 4th Grade

A document camera for Julie Yergler’s 4th grade classroom was purchased with a mini-grant from the Cissna Park Education Foundation. The students and teacher appreciate and use the Smartboard daily, but thought that a document camera would provide even more learning opportunities.

Since receiving the camera, the class has found it especially helpful for studying plants in science. Groups of students have watched pinto beans germinate in plastic cups, and the camera allows the teacher to show the class the various stages of each bean’s development without having to pass cups around the classroom.

Another learning opportunity presented itself when Marna Lou Young brought in an amaryllis plant and Mrs. Yergler “dissected” a bloom. Students could clearly see the anthers, pistil, and pollen, as well as other structures that were inside the flower. Students really appreciated that they could very clearly see on the screen in front of them what they had been studying in their textbook.

The whole class wants to thank the community for supporting the Foundation that made this possible. We love our doc cam!