“BuzzMath”: Middle School Math Practice; Anytime, Anywhere

Mrs. Chrastka’s 6th through 8th-grade mathematics classes are using technology, on a weekly basis, to learn, develop, and practice their middle school mathematics skills through BuzzMath. This on-line program contains high quality problems with immediate detailed feedback, allowing students to progress at their own pace.

BuzzMath is a popular alternative to standard textbook or worksheet assignments. It is interactive and provides immediate feedback and recognition of achievement. Activities are organized by the Common Core State Standards for each grade level and completing a set number of activities within a topic unlocks special missions related to math history that challenge students to help mathematicians recover lost knowledge. Brody Adams, 7th-grader, has already complete three of the missions. Brody enjoys using BuzzMath and says, “It’s a fun way of learning math and applies everything we learn in class.”

Students often feel frustrated when doing their mathematics homework. BuzzMath helps reduce their frustration when they are unsure of how to attempt a problem. Students can choose the “Show me an Example” button which allows them to view a fully detailed example that they can follow in order to complete each question. In addition, students can also “Retry this Page” an unlimited number of times with randomly generated values to provide ample practice opportunities.

BuzzMath is a great addition to the mathematics curriculum and Mrs. Chrastka’s students, on the whole, really seem to enjoy getting into the computer lab to do their BuzzMath.