Buzzmath Funded for 2019-20

The Cissna Park Education Foundation has funded Buzzmath for another school year. This online mathematics program, designed to promote digital learning of mathematics inside and outside the school community, provides Mrs. Chrastka’s mathematics students with a fun and user-friendly way to practice mathematics. Mrs. Chrastka has been using this program with her junior high students for four years and is excited to be able to include it in her lesson planning for next year.

Buzzmath is tailored for teachers and exciting for students. It includes thousands of problems that are aligned to the common core standards, provides automated corrections with links to resources, and includes detailed solutions with infinite retries. Buzzmath goes beyond mathematics practice with exciting puzzles, challenges, and activities for students to try. Buzzmath encourages initiative and autonomous learning. Students take charge of their learning with on-demand mathematics activities, examples, visual glossary and detailed solutions. Students are engaged and have fun answering questions as they draw, move, and toggle objects to answer questions. Students are motivated to succeed and improve their ability to learn as they explore the site beyond the assigned lessons. Buzzmath’s universe is filled with exciting adventures where students can travel through time and meet famous mathematicians as they collect stars, earn badges, and unlock missions.

Buzzmath is always improving their site and increasing the variety of activities available to students, as well as making instructional choices and differentiated learning opportunities more accessible to teachers. Mrs. Chrastka is pleased to announce that she has been selected to provide feedback on some new features that the company plans on incorporating in the future. Buzzmath is a valuable learning tool that is enjoyed by the students at Cissna Park Junior High School.