$5,000 Available to Teachers: 2016-17 Mini Grants Announced

The 2016 – 17 school year Mini Grant calendar & budget has been announced by the Board of the Education Foundation.  $2500 each semester this school year will be awarded through the Foundation’s Mini Grant program.  Teachers can apply for funds that can be used for non-expendable items for the classroom.     Their  proposal must enhance student learning opportunities including:  Student achievement, Technology, Community partnership, Innovative / creative projects.  The board will also look at the number of students impacted by the grant.

Deadline for Grant applications this year will be October 3, 2016 for the fall semester and February 3, 2017 for the Spring semester.  Teachers can apply for up to $500 for their classroom.  Last year, 14 Mini Grants were awarded in Unit 6 school system that included Novels for the English Department, Document Camera for 5th Grade, Equipment for the Physic class & Magnetic numbers & money for kindergarten.