2nd Grade enjoys Books, Math & Elections

Mrs. Denault and her second grade class were recently awarded a Mini Grant from the Cissna Park Education Foundation. With the grant, the class was able to purchase math manipulatives, an election pack, and a set of hardcover STEM inspired picture books.

During our math block, students rotate through centers and small-group instruction.  Dice and translucent counters are used for games and number sense activities.  Hands-on learning is beneficial for many of my students.

This year, during the election, the class was able to discuss and dive deeper into my students’ understanding of the election process.  They enjoyed reading books and were able to participate in a mock election put on by the 5th grade class.

STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) has made its way into the 2nd Grade classroom this year. STEM challenges are activities that require students to construct and engineer a project that will serve a purpose.  For example, one challenge was a wind-powered marble maze. The book set that was purchased are books that help create a sense of imagination and creativity.  They encourage children to have a growth mindset-never giving up even when faced with failure.