2014 Education Foundation Scholarships

This year, 2 privately funded scholarships were presented at graduation last Friday evening by Foundation President Todd Kaeb. These scholarship were chosen by criteria established by those that funded the scholarship and then administered by the Cissna Park Education Foundation.

2014 Kaeb, JoelJoel Kaeb was the recipient of the Ristow / Ziegenhorn Scholarship. This scholarship was funded to honor the ancestors of these 2 families who have lived in this community for over a hundred years. It was presented to a student with the ideals of citizenship and character and the hope this student will carry on this legacy into the future.







2014 Reetz, DylanDylan Reetz was the recipient of the Illinois Grain & Seed Equipment Scholarship. IGSE is a local business selling and servicing grain and seed handling equipment. Understanding that agriculture plays a large part in the lives of our community, Illinois Grain & Seed’s provided this scholarship to a student who is pursuing a career in agricultural.







More information about privately funding scholarships to Cissna Park Graduates can be found on the Foundation’s website or contacting a Foundation Board member.