2 New Sewing Machines for Consumer Sciences

2015 CPEF MG consumer ed 2The Family and Consumer Sciences classroom was awarded a mini grant from the Cissna Park Education Foundation last fall to purchase new sewing machines for the 8th grade survey class. The FCCLA also provided half of the funds necessary to buy the two machines. Several of the classroom sewing machines are decades old, and while the machines still work, they are not always reliable or do the best job of sewing on some fabrics.

The eighth graders sew several projects each semester, including beanbags and pajama pants. Teaching students how to sew help the students with math, language and abstract thought. While constructing pajama pants, students need to know how to measure, and use math to adjust patterns for proper fit. Reading and following directions are critical to success in sewing, and help students think analytically. Seeing how flat, almost 2 dimensional pattern pieces fit together to create a 3 dimensional product improves critical and analytical thought. Of course, the best part of sewing class is picking out fabric that exemplifies their personalities!2015 CPEF MG consumer ed 1